Psalm 139

No real devotional today. I have Psalm 139 as part of my signature because it’s a Psalm that reminds me that:

  • God knows me better than I know myself.
  • God knows what I’m going to say and do before I say or do it.
  • God is always with me and protecting me.
  • Even when I feel like God’s very far away (or I want Him to be very far away because of sin), he’s still right with me.
  • God made me and even before I was born knew everything I would ever do (including writing this devotional).
  • God’s thoughts are beyond our comprehension, except as He chooses to reveal them to us. And those are beyond imagination.
  • Part of my relationship with Him should be a desire to be examined by Him so that He may correct those things which are wrong, lacking, or wanting.

So if you have time, grab your Bible, turn to Psalm 139, and give it a quick read but a much longer ponder. For those of you who would rather read the verses on-line, here you go:;&version=31;


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