Deep Diving into the Word

In IT, we use the phrase “deep dive” whenever we talk about really digging into the guts of a technology. For instance, a deep dive would be expert class information, and it expects a certain level of effort by whoever is going along for that deep dive. You can’t just sit back and let a deep dive wash over you. Well, you can, and some do, but you won’t get much out of it. Instead, a deep dive works best if you’re engaging your brain, trying to relate what’s coming at you fast and furious with what you already know. Now one of the issues with deep dives is that you may get an “instructor” who isn’t really qualified to take you on that deep dive. If that’s the case, you’re expecting to go somewhere that you’re not. I’ve sat in my fair share of seminars and presentations and thought the presenter was going to a really expert level, only to be disappointed when we just barely scratch the surface. So if you’re keeping score at home, there are two expectations: a competent leader and a prepared and active participant. You get that combo together and you then see the real value of a deep dive. It allows for the transfer of knowledge in a relatively short period of time. It can very well be career changing. So folks like me in IT love deep dives. Done right, and the only thing better is actual hands on experience. But a lot of the time, the deep dive is what prepares you for that hands on experience. So deep dives are awesome.

“So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD
His going forth is as certain as the dawn;
And He will come to us like the rain,
Like the spring rain watering the earth.”
– Hosea 6:3, NASB

I like the wording of the NASB version here. Hosea is saying to press on to know God. This isn’t a lazy Saturday afternoon casually glance at the Sunday School lesson for the next day type of attitude. Nor is it mindset where one hurriedly scans the Sunday School lesson right before the teacher begins talking about it. And it certainly isn’t the lackadaisical read the Bible, “whenever” type of attitude, either. Hosea says to “press on.” This is diligent. This is focused. This is active. This is intense. Why? Because God is real. And as we press to know Him, as we seek diligently to grow in our knowledge and faith in Him, He will be there. It’s not a fruitless search. Rather, it’s a continuous quest where the prize is right there with us. Hosea is calling us to do a deep dive on God.

This is why I sometimes get discouraged when I hear folks talk about not having enough time to read God’s Word. Not enough time = not a priority. If it’s not a priority, then we’re not pressing on. And then we’re being disobedient. Likewise, I often hear folks talk about how they don’t have time to read books on theology, books which discuss the Word, books which bring about a greater understanding of the Word. But they’ll have time for other things. If Christ is the greatest treasure, if knowing Him is the greatest thing we can do, then how can we justify anything over growing in our knowledge and relationship with Him? Yes, those folks talking includes me (I’m far from innocent). So let’s stop with the they and start with the we. Why do we get misled like this? Why do we allow ourselves to be take off the right path like this? Why do we settle for excuses? Do we not know that if we diligently seek after God we will find Him? We can make excuses like we don’t read well. Or that we’re trying to read other things, like for work, or for a, well, um, a hobby. But those are excuses. Our efforts to seek after God will be rewarded. Too many times we limit ourselves. And if reading is a true impediment, there are other options, like books on tape. Like recorded sermons. Like RSS feeds of folks who are called to preach the Word and expound upon it in proper context and examination. There’s a solution for every issue. We just have to want to embrace them. We just have to want to press on to know the Lord.

Don’t settle for less. Settling for less means getting less than what God wants for you. Rather, press on to know God. There is nothing on this earth worth as much as that. There is nothing anywhere any greater than that. Fight to stay on the path, no matter how much the flesh or the Enemy tries to convince you off of it. When we seek after God, we will find Him. And look how Hosea phrases how God comes to us, “like the spring rain watering the earth.” That’s a beautiful picture. God comes to us as the spring rain, the rain that brings moisture so life can begin anew. He will refresh us. He will spur life in our wintered limbs again. He will cause us to bud and blossom. All we have to do is press on to know Him. What a promise!


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