Poem: Your Finished Work

Father, I look at myself,
And I see so many flaws.
I am so far from the man
Which You designed me to be.
Why do You put up with me?
Why do You keep trying?
Why don’t you give up
When I never seem to get it?

I’d have given up on me
A long, long time ago.
But yet You keep working.
You keep teaching me.
You never forsake me.
Though I struggle each day,
I’m wrong more than right,
But still You remain here.

When I act like a child,
And refuse to listen to You,
You are patient with me.
When I am sick with worry,
And trust in me and not in You,
You remind me that I can.
You look past all my faults
And see Your finished work.

David said such knowledge
Was too high and great for him,
This man after Your own heart.
I know what David felt, O Lord,
Because You have shown Yourself
To be beyond my comprehension.
You know me completely
And it has always been so.

O Lord, help me to keep the path
Which leads to Your vision of me.
Help me to trust and love You more,
To believe You can change me,
To open me up and empty me out,
So You can fill me with Your Spirit.
Help me to believe what You see,
That I might honor and glorify You.


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