Poem: Blown Glass

Lord, I try to hold it all together.
But this isn’t what you desire of me.
You want me broken and shattered,
My heart in pieces over my iniquity.

Only when I’m broken will I stop.
Only when I’m crushed will I yield.
Then like bits of glass You’ll bring me together.
You’ll heat me and reshape me into something new,
No longer bearing the marks of my sin.

Your light shall gleam and shine in me,
And resonate in splendor throughout me.
Pure beauty my remade self shall be,
Because You have made me to show Your glory,
To illuminate this world with Your love.

Lord, take my sinful hands away.
Let my wicked heart fall to pieces.
So You can mold me and change me,
So I can be that lamp on a stand,
That light for all the world to see.

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