Poem: A Satisfactory Offering

No fancy words.
No extended efforts.
No dream-filled thoughts.

That’s not what You want from me.
They serve no purpose before You.
They are useless. worthless. empty.

What You desire is all of me.
Even that’s not good enough,
But You know it’s all I have to offer.

No expensive clothes.
No checks in the offering.
No attendance through the doors.

Those things don’t bring You pleasure.
They aren’t what You asked me for.
They are futile. fruitless. flawed.

My heart surrendered and open,
My life Yours to use and to mold,
My every affection devoted to You.

That’s what You expect of me.
That’s the measure You’ve demanded.
That, and nothing less, will do.

Help me, Master, to obey Your commands,
To bring an offering satisfactory in Your eyes.
For I can’t give You all of me – without You.



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