Tuesday Take-Off for April 10, 2012

Music inspires us in ways that simple words cannot. In addition to posting weekday devotionals, I’ll try and post an inspirational song some mornings that will hopefully get you in the groove and mindset of glorifying God. When I post on Tuesdays, I hope that it launches you spiritually like a rocket, hence the name, Tuesday Take-Off. I’ll come up with similarly cheesy, er, inspiring titles.

Today’s song comes from a new Christian groups, Anthem Lights. This from their debut album, which released in January. It’s a beautiful song of worship, testifying to how great and wonderful God is in our lives when we allow Him to be our focus.

If you’re interested in the story behind the song, the band members talk about it in this video:

And if you’re interested in playing it yourself, Alan from Anthem Lights walks through the chords in this video:


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