Children’s Church Notes – June 3, 2012

Title: Follow the Bible, not a Person
Verses: Judges 8:23-28

Respect a person’s background:
– Gideon had trusted God by faith and had done great things
– Gideon was worthy of respect
– Gideon was still a sinful man

Stick by what you know is right:
– Gideon initially said no because they wanted him to lead
– Gideon’s mind was changed – not regards to leadership but with regards to personal glory.
– He wasn’t changed by something from God.

Gideon asked the people to do something foolish:
– An ephod is like a vest you wear
– The high priest wore a special ephod
– Gideon didn’t need an ephod
– Why? We aren’t sure. If he wasn’t going to be the leader, what was it for?
– Special stuff isn’t needed to serve God.

The foolishness led to sin:
– The ephod became the focus of their worship, not God
– Even Gideon fell

Putting Faith into Action:
– The key is to know your Bible
– Memorize important Scripture to help figure out when someone is asking you to do something wrong
– Unless you are sure the person is right (according to the Bible), double-check in the Bible.

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