Children’s Church Notes – May 27, 2012

Title: “If not me, then who?”
Verses: Matthew 8:20, Isaiah 6:7-9a

Memorial Day – What does it mean?

– Day of remembrance.
– Most people treat as just another day off.
– Set aside to remember our military men and women who have died while serving our nation.
– There is a phrase in the military, “All gave some, some gave all.”
– The phrase is about sacrifice.

What is sacrifice?
– Matthew 8:20
– Giving up something important to you.
– Why? For something more important.
– What did Jesus give up? Heaven.
– Why? For our salvation.

Military members give up freedom and comfort.
– This is giving some.
– Why? MANY reasons.
– After folks get in, other reasons are still important. However, a sense of duty often takes over.
– “If not me, then who?”
– They’d rather it be them than someone else.
– For those who died, they gave all.

Christians are supposed to have the same attitude towards serving God.
– Isaiah 6:7-9a
– God was asking Isaiah if he’d go.
– Isaiah said yes.
– While we won’t look at the rest of the chapter, what God was sending Isaiah to do wasn’t going to be fun.
– Isaiah still went.
– God calls us to go. It will cost us. Remember the question, “If not me, then who?”

Putting FAITH into Action:
– Each day, do something that needs to be done that no one, including you, wants to do.
– Sacrifice for others around you.
– Do so with a good attitude. You are acting in a way pleasing to God.
– Don’t whine or complain. If you do, you miss the point.
– Don’t try to get people to notice what you’re doing. This isn’t about you. It is about answering God with, “Here am I!”


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