Review: Advent in Narnia

I get asked all the time about book recommendations, whether I liked this book or that, so I’m adding reviews of Christian books/products. However, I am limiting these to ones I think highly of which I would definitely recommend to friend and family. 

Note: I received a pre-release copy of this book for review.

I love Advent. However, I’ve struggled to find a good Advent study that is meaningful across the range of ages for my family (toddler to 40+). A few years ago I wrote one for my family, but it still didn’t hit the mark. However, I think I have found the Advent study that will work for us. It’s called Advent in Narnia.

AdventInNarniaYes, an Advent study which references the Chronicles of Narnia! Each day references some aspect of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In general, the devotionals are in order with the book, though day 8 refers back to chapters 1-2. The neat thing about this parallel is that we can read the book, which will enamor the smaller children, and then complete the devotional, which will the older children, my wife, and I to think and meditate on the message for the day. Speaking of which, each day’s devotional ends on Questions for Reflection, which are great for further thought and discussion. Therefore, there are three levels with this Advent study and that’s why I think it’ll do a good job covering the entire family. One note: the Advent devotionals only take you through chapter 11 of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, meaning there is still some of the book to read if you go that route.

Beyond the devotionals, there is a section for small group study which looks useful, consisting of a leader’s guide and notes for four sessions. The sessions reference the various movies of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in case you would like to use them as part of the small group time. However, the movies aren’t necessary, but nowadays a lot of small group studies consist of some sort of visual aspect as part of the study, so I understand their inclusion.

Finally, there is a section on putting on a Narnia Night for families. This is interesting and has a lot of good ideas which can be scaled down to the family level. However, you can definitely see the author’s work in building this study as something an entire church can do with the Narnia Night as the kick-off, the devotionals as the individual study, and the small group sessions to bring those studies together. It’s all put together nicely.

Therefore, given all of these things, I recommend this book for an Advent study, whether you’re talking about a family or a larger group like a church.


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