Find the Little Joys

This morning I woke up with a teeth-grinding migraine. It is bad enough I called in sick to work. But as bad as it is, I’m not going to let it affect my demeanor. 

This is the sidewalk chalk art piece my daughters have been working on the last couple of days. It was started by a simple purchase on Saturday: Crayola Glitter Sidewalk Chalk. 

Seeing this as the sun comes up, I smiled. This is one of my little joys. It reminds me that there’s a lot right in my life, a lot of things to be thankful and appreciative for. 

What are your little joys? What brings a smile to your face? What can cast a sunbeam into a down day?


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  1. Melissa Martin

    This is beautiful, Brian; thank you for posting positivity despite your pain.

    I hope you are quickly delivered of your migraine so that your & your family may spend time together 😊


    Melissa (from Charlotte)