Beatitudes: Those Who Mourn

Have you ever been heartbroken? I mean torn up, barely holding on, even to the point of not being able to function. Often times we become this way over the loss of a loved one, especially if the loss was unexpected, though many earthly reasons abound. How wonderful it is when suddenly something or someone provides some hope, some comfort, some soothing of our pain! Jesus promises such:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.  – Matthew 5:4, ESV

Let me start by saying that this verse is often used incorrectly. When we look at and interpret Scripture, it is important to do so within the context of the verses around it. Given that Matthew 5:3 is about those who are beggars spiritually, verse 4 is a continuation. Those who mourn here in this verse are those who mourn over their spiritual state. This is not about the loss of a loved one or being fired from a job or suffering a financial disaster. Those who mourn are those who are broken spiritually, those who identify with the tax collector, who cannot rise their eyes to God because they realize they are sinful men and women.

We fear being broken spiritually because we don’t want to face the pain and suffering. We don’t want to be uncomfortable. However, what Jesus promises us here is that if we are willing to be broken, if we are willing to face the pain, He will provide comfort. Brokenness, at least the pain of brokenness, will not be permanent. God will provide us a means to deal with our wretchedness. 

When you combine the promise in verse 4 with the previous promise, God has given us the opportunity for a powerful combination. We will have the kingdom of heaven and though the price for it is great pain through brokeness, God will do something about that pain, too. God has taken away our arguments against repentence. God has removed any reasonable obstacle to facing up to our sin. Our failure to do so is entirely upon us. 

Are you willing to be broken over your sin? Do not fear brokenness, for God will comfort you. Do not hold onto pride, for it will only be to your detriment. Instead, choose to be a beggar spiritually, to allow God to reveal the true difference between Him and you. embrace the situation, knowing full well the pain that will cme from it, but also knowing that God Himself will provide comfort for that pain. When we consider what God promises, if we choose what He offers, we sow the seeds for revival. Isn’t that what we want?


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