Desiring Revival

If we are Christ-minded, we should desire as many as possible come to salvation. We should hunger and thirst for His presence to fill our congregations and our fellowships. We should crave a consistently personal relationship with Him. We should be straining to see His presence acting around us, on us, and through us.What I’ve described are the effects of revival.  

However, revival is painful. It forces us to face our sins and our imperfections, not only as congregations but as individuals. God lays bare our souls as we come face to face with a holy and terrifying God. So while many claim to want revival, the truth is they aren’t interested in the cost. It’s a double-minded position, but different than in James where the believer doubts. With revival the double-mindedness is where the believer has a desire for the rewards without the williness to face up to the price.  

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? Show us your steadfast love, O Lord, and grant us your salvation. – Psalm 85:6-7, ESV

Revival, though, brings us the ability to rejoice in God in a way greater than without revival. After all, in revival God shatters the barriers which we have raised up between us and Him. And not just us, but those who aren’t believers, for as the psalmist prayed, through God’s love we should expect salvation. Revival fulfills the desires I opened with in this message. 

This year, I hope you earnestly desire revival, willing to face the brokeness that comes with it. I pray that we would see God’s hand move in a powerful way to call people to Himself, to restore us and sanctify us, to increase our love for Him and for each other. I hope this is the prayer of your heart as we move into a new year. May God revive us so that we may rejoice in Him. May He shows us His steadfast love and grant us His salvation.


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