“Move with a sense of urgency!” was a phrase we first years at The Citadel heard quite often. The Citadel is a military college and the first year is a plebe year filled with hardship. Part of that hardship is moving everywhere with increased speed, whether in the barracks or around the campus itself. If an upperclassman felt one or more of us wasn’t moving fast enough, that’s one of the phrases we heard. 

In reality, we wanted to move as quickly as possible. Moving slow meant more time to be stopped and harassed. Therefore, when we were out in the “open,” there was an urgency to move quickly and get out of sight again. 

But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?’ So is the one who lays up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God.”  – Luke 12:20-21, ESV

As Christians, we must have a sense of urgency around the Gospel. We believe that one who dies without Christ is doomed. It is a punishment well deserved, but one which can be avoided. Therefore, there should be an urgency in sharing the Gospel in order to give folks every opportunity for eternal life. 

Once someone is saved, we should have an urgency towards discipleship. We aren’t to stay babies, and that goes for spiritual matters, too. The Bible is God’s Word. We must know it, meditate on it, and follow it. This text tells us what pleases God and what doesn’t. It catalogues His myriad of promises to us and for us. It is essential for our spiritual well-being. 

But too often I don’t find a sense of urgency in either area. We put our own comfort or problems or goals over another’s eternal destination. Speaking of which, there is often missing a sense of urgency in reaching out to people with kindness and compassion, as we are commanded by Scripture. This is true as individuals and as congregations. We might give money or collect cans of food, but committing personal time, expending personal effort, on that we pass on often saying we do enough by donating. 

When I read Scripture, like the passage I’ve included, I come back with a realization that if we keep putting off important things, eventually we will run out of time. This foolish man thought only of his own gains. He is declared a fool because he didn’t prepare spiritually. And then he ran out of time. 

When I say I see a lack of a sense of urgency, I include myself. And for this I must repent. There is time and resources for personal things, but not at the cost of spiritual ones. If I want to see authentic revival, God moving mightily and calling people back to Him, I must have an urgency about spiritual things, about reaching folks with the Gospel and helping them to grow in Christ. I must also have an urgency in meeting the needs of others around me. Do you sense the need for this urgency? If so, will you join with me?


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