The Model Church – Spiritual Foundations

When I was a tutor in college, I always investigated the foundational knowledge of who I was helping. This was true regardless of subject. What I often found was the reason they were struggling in the material was because they were lacking in their foundation. Therefore, we had to fix the foundation. Once that was done, it was easier to learn what they were struggling with. 

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. – Acts 2:42, ESV

The spiritual foundation of the Church revolves around the teaching of the Word, prayer, and fellowship with other believers. Without this spiritual foundation, anything else will have cracks and flaws. Anything else will be less than it could be. Anything else will be more susceptible to straying from God’s will. 

The model church understand the necessity of this spiritual foundation and emphasizes it. The Word is properly preached and taught. Prayer is seen as a must, not a nice to have, and is given its proper place of importance in the life of the church. The people understand the necessity of gathering together, not just for worship service, but also to build bonds of community and support for each other. None of these are neglected. All of these are expected. 

Certainly the idea that one can be fine on their own isn’t acceptable. This wasn’t practiced by the early church. The Bible reminds us again and again that we are defeated when we try to go it alone. It is only when we have others with us that we can overcome and stay strong. As a result, if we are to live as Christ intends, we must have this foundation in our lives. Let us not neglect the spiritual foundation of the Church and of our lives as Christians. 


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