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Poem: Changing the Church

I believe in more.
I dream of bigger.
We don’t want it bad enough.
We don’t have faith to see Him work.
We have to want it.
We have to dream and believe in it.
God will move in a mighty way.
The miracles will come,
They will glorify Him,
If we do so first.
It starts with us.


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Haiku (May 25, 2011)

I saw a little wren hopping around the picnic table by my parking space at work. It reminded me of Matthew 6:25-34:

Little wren hopping
Reminder of God’s blessing
Worry not, my child.

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Poem: A Satisfactory Offering

No fancy words.
No extended efforts.
No dream-filled thoughts.

That’s not what You want from me.
They serve no purpose before You.
They are useless. worthless. empty.

What You desire is all of me.
Even that’s not good enough,
But You know it’s all I have to offer.

No expensive clothes.
No checks in the offering.
No attendance through the doors.

Those things don’t bring You pleasure.
They aren’t what You asked me for.
They are futile. fruitless. flawed.

My heart surrendered and open,
My life Yours to use and to mold,
My every affection devoted to You.

That’s what You expect of me.
That’s the measure You’ve demanded.
That, and nothing less, will do.

Help me, Master, to obey Your commands,
To bring an offering satisfactory in Your eyes.
For I can’t give You all of me – without You.


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Poem: Blown Glass

Lord, I try to hold it all together.
But this isn’t what you desire of me.
You want me broken and shattered,
My heart in pieces over my iniquity.

Only when I’m broken will I stop.
Only when I’m crushed will I yield.
Then like bits of glass You’ll bring me together.
You’ll heat me and reshape me into something new,
No longer bearing the marks of my sin.

Your light shall gleam and shine in me,
And resonate in splendor throughout me.
Pure beauty my remade self shall be,
Because You have made me to show Your glory,
To illuminate this world with Your love.

Lord, take my sinful hands away.
Let my wicked heart fall to pieces.
So You can mold me and change me,
So I can be that lamp on a stand,
That light for all the world to see.

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Poem: Everything

Lord, let my hands do Your work,
Hands never spiked by malicious nails.
Lord, let my feet carry me where You call
For they were never pierced like Yours.

Where I can take breath let me speak
And share Your Gospel with all
For my side never saw a spear
Which ripped me open and drew my blood.

Jesus, I welcome sweat on my brow
Anywhere I serve You, my Master,
For it is not gashed with thorns
Like Yours with a crafted crown.

Let my back bear every burden
For by Your grace it is healthy and strong.
No whip has touched or marred it
Unlike Yours before You bore the Cross.

Lord, I am here for You alone.
You gave everything upon that Cross.
Let me do the same for You
As my offering and my thank You.

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Poem: Your Finished Work

Father, I look at myself,
And I see so many flaws.
I am so far from the man
Which You designed me to be.
Why do You put up with me?
Why do You keep trying?
Why don’t you give up
When I never seem to get it?

I’d have given up on me
A long, long time ago.
But yet You keep working.
You keep teaching me.
You never forsake me.
Though I struggle each day,
I’m wrong more than right,
But still You remain here.

When I act like a child,
And refuse to listen to You,
You are patient with me.
When I am sick with worry,
And trust in me and not in You,
You remind me that I can.
You look past all my faults
And see Your finished work.

David said such knowledge
Was too high and great for him,
This man after Your own heart.
I know what David felt, O Lord,
Because You have shown Yourself
To be beyond my comprehension.
You know me completely
And it has always been so.

O Lord, help me to keep the path
Which leads to Your vision of me.
Help me to trust and love You more,
To believe You can change me,
To open me up and empty me out,
So You can fill me with Your Spirit.
Help me to believe what You see,
That I might honor and glorify You.

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Poem: Purest Joy

I will not take joy in the every day
Or in anything that passes away
But instead I will lift up my eyes
To You beyond the bluest skies
And in You I will find my purest joy
You and only You, O Lord

I will consider Your majesty and beauty
And the might and strength of Your Word
That speaks and creates out of nothing
For there is none so great as You, O Lord.

I will be humbled by Your grace and mercy
For none of us deserve Your bless-ed Son
But into the fray You sent Him anyway
To redeem us from our evil, wicked ways

I bow before Your holy, righteous nature
And am in awe of Your perfect and just Law
Which reveals to me the depths of my sin
Causing me to cry out, weeping in repentance

I will exult in Your perfect forgiveness
Which removes the curse of my sins
And I will come brokenhearted before You
To kneel surrendered before Your throne

I cannot help but rejoice in my unmerited gift
That cost You such a great and terrible sacrifice
I do not deserve Your grace and could not earn it
But You promise it by Your Son to be mine forever

After all of this how can I find real joy
In anything less than You, O my Lord?
Nothing else in all creation even compares
To You, my King, my Savior, my Father

I will not take joy in the every day
Or in anything that passes away
But instead I will lift up my eyes
To You beyond the bluest skies
And in You I will find my purest joy
You and only You, O Lord

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